School photography

School portraits are an important part of childhood.  They capture memories and record growth and progression as our children get older.  At Blazing Light Photography, we provide these mini time-capsules at prices that everyone can afford.

We offer several different types of plans to meet your school's goals.  The traditional Prepay plan, where parents fill out an order form and return it on picture day (most common).  Only students that order photos are photographed, unless the school needs photos for other reasons (i.e. ID cards).  The Proof plan, where all students are photographed and parents get a chance to review the photos before they buy. We also offer the Approval plan, where all students are photographed and we choose which prints to use and pre-print packages for all students.  The parents then select which prints they want to keep, pay for only those and return the rest.

We can take photographs indoors or out, depending on your school's need (and, of course, the weather).  Outdoor photos will use nature as the background while indoor photos will have a more traditional background.  We don't charge extra for different background color choices, even if special ones are offered for your school.

In addition to the commission your school receives, we also offer extras that others don't, such as discounts for teachers and staff as well as free photos for teachers.

And speaking of commission, our commission can be tailored to meet, not only the needs of the school, but the needs of the parents as well.  We show you how much each package will cost at each commission level so you can make an informed decision with no surprises.  We also offer a full accounting of your commission so you know you are getting everything you deserve.   We also have other programs that you can use to reach your fund raising goals, such as Family Portrait Night.

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