We offer portraits for everyone, not just High School Seniors

It doesn't matter if you are looking for Senior, Family, Personal, or Business Head Shots. We are the only stop you need. 

My Philosophy

Photography has always been a passion of mine because of its ability to freeze time and then transport us back to those moments. One goal is when I capture images for you, I am not making these images for you, but rather for your grandchildren, great-grandchildren and beyond. I want generations of your family to be able to look back at these photographs and see you at your best. Remember the feeling when you have looked at old family photos? The wonder when you sat with your parents and they told you who was in the photos and then told stories about them. The good times and the tough times, all the family history that helped shape who you are. That is what I want for your future generations. I do not want to be the "shoot and burn" photographer that takes a bunch of snapshots, gives you the digital copies and calls it a day. Memories, not megabytes. I print on the highest quality photo paper for all our photo products, making them fade resistant and lasting for 200+ years.

All our portrait sessions have three phases.

- The consultation session. This is where we discuss your goals and expectations. We also get to know each other and go through the whole process.

- The photo session. Most of our sessions are at least two hours. We spend about 45 minutes in the studio capturing images inside and then we travel to a location of your choosing and take more images for about another 45 minutes.

- The viewing/ordering session. About 1-2 weeks after your photo session, you come back to the studio and we review your photos and you order the ones you love.

We are not the photography company for everyone, we know this. 

We are the photographer for those who want their photos to last more than 24 hours... for those who want more than "likes" from their images.

We are the photographer for those that want heirloom quality photos that will last generations so your family can look back and remember all the history that shaped who they have become.

We are the photographer for people looking to update their head shots, or to get their first ones done to just start their career.

We are the photographer for actors, seasoned or new to the industry, who want the best looking photos that casting directors want to see to help them land the gigs.

We are the photographer for the moms and dads who want to carefully and slowly go through the album, savoring each page, remembering their child after they’ve gone to college or moved out, to see the wall art hanging proudly in their home, reminding you of your child’s smile or that special look in their eyes.

We are the photographer for the teenagers who think they're not enough... not pretty enough, not skinny enough, not smart enough, not strong enough. We want to show you that we ARE ENOUGH. You are perfect. Let us capture it so you can see it as well. It's not easy being a teenager today. With all the filters so prevalent in social media no one seems to appreciate true beauty anymore. We want to make your senior portraits all about you, your personality, your interests, what makes you YOU.

So, are we the photographer for you?