Why choose us as your sports photographer?
First and foremost, we provide the quality photographs that parents expect and the athletes deserve. Our photographs capture memories for a lifetime. Years from now, your team members will be able to look back and remember all the fun they had and the life lessons they learned from sports and from being part of a team.

Also, we will help you reach your fundraising goals.   We donate a percentage of our gross sales back to your team. This money can be used for equipment upgrades, uniforms, or whatever else your team needs. 

And, we recognize that your coaches do so much, we offer them free team photographs and, if they have children on the team, free photos with their children as well.

Finally, the extras.  We offer many products for parents to order. From traditional prints to coffee mugs, puzzles, buttons, magnets, posters, etc… If you can think of it we can probably get it. We also offer trading cards. These are printed just like professional trading cards on the same card stock, not regular photo paper. Kids love seeing their picture on cards just like their sports heroes. We customize the cards with your team colors, logo, and biographical information for a truly unique collectable the kids will treasure for years.

Don't forget action photos. 

We are one of the few photographers in the area that offer action photos of your team.  For a small fee, we will come to your games and photograph your team in action.  These photos are put on-line for parents to review and purchase.  And, not only do you get a commission on the sales, we will refund your fee, up to 100%, based on the orders placed.